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DateLeagueHome TeamAway TeamPredictionOddsTime Registered
19/10/2022BelgiumClub BruggeSt. TruidenOver 2.51.8520:02 GMT
18/10/2022ChampionshipSwansea ReadingHT Over 1.52.5019:17 GMT
18/10/2022Premier LeagueCrystal PalaceWolvesHome Win3.0020:22 GMT


WinSmart can make great profit with only five steps. You create a strategy and make a back test to check your results. After that, you generate profit that grows even more with an ideal money management model.

Create Strategy

You can create your own strategy with special targeting to teams, leagues, countries, etc.

AI Algorithms

Artificial intelligent software which maximizes the profit with millions of calculations every second.

Generate Profit

Improve strategy with the best betting data and stats.

Money Management

168 unique management models, customized for every strategy. Reduce risking of capital.

Win Smart Features


Create your own strategy by using WinSmart’s THOUSANDS of statistics and algorithms. You can target specifically teams, leagues, countries, days, odds, starting time, markets etc., in order to draw the best possible conclusion. For even better results, you are also allowed to MERGE a great variety of different strategies. Your strategies!


Once your strategy “scenario” is completed, it is time for a thorough check on your results with a back test by choosing among countless bookmakers. YOUR BOOKMAKER. This is a simulation, as well as a detailed search of past matches and results “looking” at real data, thanks to which, the customer is led to safe conclusions about their chosen strategy.


Now it’s time for PROFIT. Thanks to thousands of various indicators, algorithms and statistics, this quick and easy process can improve your planned strategy even further WITH THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON, as you are allowed to remove non-profitable areas, such as teams, leagues, countries, days and make your plan as profitable as it can be.


Another UNIQUE strategy improvement step that WinSmart gives you the opportunity to take advantage of. Through millions of calculations happening every second and our detailed data available at any given moment, our unique artificial intelligence software enables customers to maximize their profit WITH THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON again. Your strategy will be using the best AI algorithms, which will generate the biggest profit possible.


And now the final step with a huge Tool. Winsmart is the only betting service on a global scale which can provide bettors with REAL MONEY MANAGEMENT models. An AI mechanism calculates the customer’s stake and chooses the best possible scenario for their strategy out of a wide range of 168 AI Money Managemet models. It is also important to be mentioned that capital protection is provided, so that betting risks can be reduced.

Create Strategy

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Extra Features

Live Alerts

Alerts stats and predictions for every game Live notifications for big betting occasions.


Value Bets All the Special tools for professionals and amateurs calculation for odds and bets.


Create your scenario and check the results with a Back Test.

Live Service

Generate predictions based on the AI model with more than 10.000 stats odds evaluation full statistical coverage.



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1200 stats for strategy

Choose your bookmaker

1200 AI Algorithms for Profit

64 Money Management

510€/ Year (from 600€/ Year)



2500 stats for strategy

Variety of bookmakers

2500 AI Algorithms for Profit

100 Money Management

1.020€/ Year (from 1.200€/ Year)



12000 stats for strategy

All bookmakers available

12000 AI Algorithms for Profit

168 Money Management

10.200€/ Year (from 12.000€/ Year)
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